Next Morning

English is my second language, so please ignore if you find any grammar or other mistakes. THANKS!

                     CHAPTER THIRTEEN


The next day I woke up with a severe headache. I tried my best to open my eyes but when I failed, I again laid on the comforted bed. The bed was so soft and comforted that it felt like it's not mine but also I had a strong feeling that maybe I was there before but when? And when I suddenly remembered I said to myself, no, no no how's that even possible maybe I'm just overthinking that's all yeah... that's all nothing else.

I was just processing what's happening when I felt a strong grip on my waist and it felt like it got tighter than before. Oh God someone is lying on my back, I can feel his strong chest with built muscles on my back but who is he? And why am I laying on someone else's bed?

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