Chapter - 8

Unknown P. O. V.

Rachel was laying on the dark and dirty basement floor of her house, her lips were bleeding and her body was covered in bruises, her parents hurt her, tortured her so hard that she felt she was about to die...

She couldn't move nor speak, she didn't really want to cry because she knew very well that it wouldn't do anything for her, wouldn't ease her pain, so she kept calm and silently waiting for her fate because she kinda lost all her hopes...

All of a sudden the red shiny portal opened in front of her sight, within a second Rachel felt someone's presence near her lifeless body...

A strong sweet smell filled her nose, a masculine, rainy and wood scent... Her temples throbbed from the pain but somehow, this sweet smell, and its tipsiness was reducing all the pain from her...

No one spoke, no one moved, no one even tried to... If they do, then the situation could have become worse...

The demon king Lucifer Black walked ahead of the magical portal
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