Chapter - 21

Lucifer P.O.V. 

Today I was going to meet the oldest witch on this earth. 

Witches are known to have more knowledge and understanding of the supernatural forces that permeates the universe. Thus, witches are able to perform much more powerful works of sorcery than other magic practitioners. Their affiliation to the Devil and his rough magic also provide a boost to their works. 

Aurora was the leader and supreme witch of their Hive and was employed to guide, protect and oversee the witches. 

She is born from old and powerful witches bloodlines. She was removed from her coven due to a mistake she made in the past. Her people separated her from their hives, and now there is no one to compete with her power. In a way, we are both in the same boat because we both have the same great enemy, which is related to her past and my future.


The Dark Lord is the Lord of Chaos and Destruction, proprietor of the Und

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another twist

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