Demon's Obsession
Demon's Obsession
Author: Eram

Chapter - 1

The journey is more pretty than the destination.

Even being incomplete,

My love is still complete!

I walk alone down to an unknown street. The rain has been falling steadily all night, and it's only getting worse.

I soaked to the bone and need to get out of this rain. It's dark, only a lone streetlamp casts a dim, yellow light on the sad features of the road. Then I saw a small house. "Thank heavens!!!"

I say out loud but at the second glance, all my relief is chilled by the look of the place. It looks as if no one has lived here for many years.

The window is broken and an old ripped curtain blows from a third stormy wind.

After a moment I remember where exactly I am, this house is from my childhood, but I didn't have enough memory of my childhood. I went inside my house, and suddenly, I heard someone whisper to me, saying my name over and over. At first, I thought it was my imagination, but when I continued to hear it.

"Who's there?"

I called out, only to have darkness and silence answer back.

"Rachel..." The voice was chilling and haunting, yet it was soothing and husky, like they had just got out of bed. It was a man's voice, but none of which I knew of. It wasn't my father, and certainly, I didn't know a lot of boys. 

Within a second, I could feel someone's presence behind me as I stood frozen, unable to move. I knew he was smirking at my helplessness. I prayed that he will deliver me a fast death, and somehow I braced myself for the pain, but I felt no pain or burning in my insides; 

I am still alive, but why?

Was he toying with me, wanting to let me guard down?

I dared to look back, but there was no one there, but suddenly, I saw someone inside my room.

I gulped and followed my way to my room to reveal a very handsome man in front of me. He was a tall, muscular figure with broad shoulders and a toned body.

The man was staring before me had the looks of a Greek God.

He was in a black tuxedo which hugs his built body of ripped muscle and his jaw was sharp and defined. His light pink lips looked kissable as his eyes were dark as the night sky with the little pinch of red in the center. No matter how much I wanted to look away, but I couldn't. The man had pitch-black eyes, almost soulless, that seemed to glow with an untamed fire, a fire that could destroy everything in its wake.

"My Rachel"

His voice was husky and deep, and I glance at his face that must have been curved by God himself. Suddenly, he came closer towards me and I knew he was about 6'2 ft. 

"I am waiting for you so long,"

He said, and I scoffed.

But suddenly, he cleaned his jaw and took some steps back, he started the transformation and suddenly, my room became hotter. I blink my eyes and opened them to saw his scary features.

I gasped and tears rolled down my eyes.

"Oh, God!"

After a few moments, my body was shaking in fear, and my whole room look red, and also the temperature increased.

I saw his bones cracking and he groans. 

He becomes more muscular than before, and also his height grew.

His skin turned into a deep black and red shade. And suddenly with a clap a huge pair of black wings spread out, I closed my eyes shut as I heard his loud scary groans.

He didn't even spare me a glance, and he came closer. I tried pushing him away, but all my efforts were falling in vain.

His one hand clutched onto my hair and I felt a sharp pain run through my scalp. Then, his other hand gripped my chin tightly, and I was damn sure of the multiple bruises that I was supposedly going to have after he left.

"Now you listen to me and listen up closely for I would not be repeating any of it"

He said, and I have been silent the whole time as he was dangerously dripping his words with venom that cut my heart into pieces. Also, his every touch burned my skin.

"You are mine, and I am yours, maybe I was your biggest fear, and now I am going to be your reality.

I am going to be your everything.

When I saw you, you make me feel something I never felt before, 

It's an unusual feeling. I know you don't deserve to be with a monster like me, but I am selfish! You are mine, and you always will be..."

I don't care if I have to lock you up in a cage, you will always be in my side, no matter if you hate me! You have only a year to decide,

If you don't come willingly with me.

I promise you, I will become Your worst nightmare, your worst Fear! I can be that monster that you are always scared of.

But my little doll, my love, my soul mate.

If you obey me properly, I will treat you as my queen and as my soon-to-be wife.

Said this he walked in back of me and I stood still silent, and my eyes widened, but I nodded.

From nowhere, he wrapped his big arms around my waist. He towered over me as I felt against him. I felt like an ant, and he was the giant.

Our chest was pressed together as I felt a strong spark and my body was hotter than it already was. Domination was radiating from him as I was afraid to move.

"I- I am scared," I whispered as he strokes my hair gently.

Was his heart made of stone???

I asked myself, but suddenly, he looked at me devilishly and said.

"My doll, I can hear your mind sometimes, so think before you thought!"

I trembled at the scary sight of him.

And I must say he looked outraged right now. Again he gripped my jaw tightly and squashed his lips to mine in a bruising and penalizing kiss.

I tried to turn my head away, but the solid hold he had on my jaw obstructed me from doing so.

He continued to take advantage of me.

His mouth crushing mine in a harsh and dominating kiss. And I was crying silently.

He licked my lips demanding entrance, but I refused and denied him from doing so.

I kept my mouth firmly shut, even when his tongue tried to lick my mouth open.

A sharp cry rapid through me when he bites my lower lips so sharply. And continuously taking advantage of it, he dipped his tongue in my mouth, conquering it.

I felt broken, and I concluded that I hate him with a burning passion.

He left me when he was satisfied with ravishing my mouth and said 

"You know what doll, heart, emotion feelings it was like a switch. And once you turned it off, you're feeling and emotions will disappear like me. I hope you will understand"

Again he explained and put a strand of hair behind my ears and spoke.

"You are mine Rachel"

His lips came down on mine and I flatter my eyes shut rightly.

Suddenly, I woke up, sweat dripping from my forehead. My heart was beating like a race car engine.

I stood up and walked to the window 

tears running down on my cheeks,

“Calm down Rachel it's only a nightmare like always you had.”

I tried to comfort myself, but I was hell scared by this nightmare...


Anything that I write will be pure of my imagination and some of my reading experiences and I also request you guys, if you not understand something due to my immature writing, feel free to let me know in the comment section... I'll do my best to clarify!!! Please give me your valuable tips and suggestions on how I could improve my writing... Last but most important Enjoy my work and support~♥

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