Chapter 96

While Grey waits for his ride, he went off the yacht along with Kath and Nick. The three of them wait for the car that will fetch Grey. 

"I think it's that one, it's here." 

After seeing that the car was here, kath and Nick said their goodbyes and went back to the yacht.  

"Okay you guys go back. Bye." 

Grey quickly got inside the car and took off like normal. While they were on the road ten minutes had already passed and they were still not back in Lilac grounds. It was odd that it's taking so long to get back since there was not much traffic and it was not far from the docks. 

"Hey, are we still not there yet?" 

Grey was starting to sense that there is something wrong. He realized that the person who was driving was not familiar. He doesn't look like his normal driver. 

He then looks outside and noticed an unfamiliar part of the city. 

"Wait, this isn't the way back to Lilac..." he told

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