Chapter 99 - the end

"Ah it's good to be back..." Grey said. 

"Well, we haven't been back here for 3 years I guess. It feels good to see some familiar places." A lady standing besides him replied. 

After being back to the city where they grew up, it was a refreshing feeling for the both of them. They were glad to finally return, to finally settle back to the familiar city they've spent the most memorable time they had. 

They quickly left the airport and proceeded to go outside. 

"Yuan said he sent us a ride to pick us up. It's too bad he still have thing to do, he didn't get to go back with us today." Grey said. 

He'll follow right after. He said it will only take two days right?" 

"Yeah... Oh, I think that's for us." Grey mentioned after pointing the black car in the right. 

"Oh can you go back to iur place first, I've got to go somewhere important." Grey said. 

"Sure. I'll wait for you there." 

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Thomas Swope
This was a piss ass story, I could have written a better story. Just awful!
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Hattie Rollack
I would have like if there was more chapter over all it was nice to until chapter 60 after kept repeating made be lose interest but I kept reading,I have too said I'd I bought this book out if a book store I would be very upset.
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