Lucifer paced back and forth in his mansion. He had dispersed the angels long ago and now he was left with his disturbing thoughts. He alone knew that he had no proof. There was nothing to incriminate God with and it made him feel foolish. His mind flashed to Gadreel. The angel was of a high rank; therefore he had a lot of influence over the angels as well and enormous strength. He was going to be very beneficial, Lucifer could not lose him.

The cherub was so deep in thought; he almost missed the soft voice that called for him.

“Lucifer”. It said. Lucifer abruptly stopped his pacing. God was calling him. He closed his eyes, and sighed.

“Lucifer”. The voice called again, this time clearer. His heart started to beat extremely fast. He had wanted to meet with him, hadn’t he? Why was he so scared then? Why was he so hesitant?

He decided to resume his pacing, ignoring the voice. He needed to come up with something before he went t

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