Lucifer stared blankly at five pair of golden irises. He sat on a chair from across the angels with his arm crossed and he had a calm expression as he stared at them. The angels however, were very nervous. Occasionally, they will shift uncomfortably in their seats or their eyes would scan the whole room, anything that would make them not stare back at him. They all were wondering what was happening when they saw Lucifer accompanied by Seraphs and before they could reach any conclusion, Adriel had told them Lucifer wanted to speak to them. Now, they were here and for past five minutes all Lucifer had done was to stare at them intently.

After what felt like another five minutes, Lucifer sighed and released his hands from its crossed position.

"Well, no one wants to ask me irritating questions today?" He said. His tone unnerved the angels. Lucifer was very hard to read, he hardly smiled and he always looked calm like he had nothing to worry about. But there was no mistake

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