I am sorry

Luca led a very scared Emma towards his office. 

She is scared of her surroundings. She knows about night clubs, but she never thought they will be like this. 

She is still shaking with fear. The suggestive looks which were thrown towards her are scary.


Attention from men is scary' she concluded in her innocent mind.

Tasha is still standing in his office after Luca and Marco left.

"Who is coming? Is that someone more important than me? I need to bring Luca under my control. He is slipping" she thought out loud.

She looked up and towards the door when it opened and in came Luca with a girl, who is looking down.

Luca looked at Tasha, who is glaring at Emma. His protective instincts took over.

"Get out" Luca snapped at Tasha.

Emma jumped with fright at his tone.

Luca pulled Emma closer to him and looked coldly at Tasha.

The tone he used is final. Tasha is scared out of her mind. She immediately ru

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Myra Rosina Edwin
cool he mean fellow
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I’m loving this story but why is it blocked, do I have to wait then it unblocks or is paying the only way?
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Good storyline

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