Alexi, when he heard that Luca met Frank in his house, he began to doubt Frank. 

"This Frank is a scum bag. He is trying to play games with me" Alexi yelled out loud.

Ivan stood there, unmoving and without responding to his brother's outburst.

"And for how long did Luca stay in Frank's house?" Alexi asked the made man, who was spying on Frank.

"Not for long. Maybe 10 to 15 minutes maximum" he replied.

Alexi began to pace restlessly.

"Maybe we should leave NY and go to Russian" Ivan suggested.

After all, Alexi is his brother and no matter how angry he is with him, he wanted to give one final chance to his brother to save himself.

He can see Luca making his moves. When he finished making his final move, it's checkmate for his brother.

Ivan is not understanding his brother's confidence. He doesn't know how he is planning to win over Luca in his own outfit. It's impossible.

When Alexi heard his brother's suggestion, he lau

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