Matthieus Morris Monférrer

Kabanata 12

A FLECK OF WARM sunlight glittered on the open window when Anne woke up alone in Matthieus' bed. The sweet aroma of dew-drenched grasses made her morning extraordinary than those she had before. She would mortgage half of her remaining life span just to have those kinds of tranquil mornings in the next few days, months, years or for a lifetime. 

Ah... she was falling in love deeply with the majestic sunrise and breathtaking sunset in Santa Coloma. 

Dahan-dahan na bumangon si Anne sa papag na pinatungan lamang ni Matthieus ng dalawang plush blanket. Uncertainty kicked in. Wala siyang napupunang kakaiba sa katawan n'ya kagaya ng inaakala n'ya. No soreness in between her thighs or any weird signs that could happen to anyone's body after sex. 

Sex... Shit! Nasaan na ang alaa

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