Chapter 5. Is it a deal, Dirman?

Incisive dictions that came out of Prof. Mirza stabbed into Dirman's feelings which made them contemplating back to the great service his father-in-law gave him to the established profession that he currently has. However, Dirman tried to be calm down again. He took a deep breath, then exhaled back through his nostrils.

"Yes, sir. I understand the consequences!" said Dirman, firmly.

"Good, Dirman. In the near future, the Senate consisting of 12 Deans, 60 Vice Deans from all faculties, and 3 student representatives will form a Rector Selection Committee," explained Prof. Mirza.

"Good, Sir." said Dirman.

"My biggest competitor in the Rector election will only be 1, Dirman," said Prof. Mirza.

"Who is that, sir? I want to know the person," said Dirman.

"Prof. Sari from the Faculty of Economics and Finance. Do you still remember I've been accused about wasting the budget for new student orientation activities?" explained Prof. Mirza.

"Yes, sir. I remember when it was published by Media Kampus News journalists a few months ago." Dirman replied.

"That's right. Luckily, I can bribe them so that the information doesn't spread widely. If the public finds out, what will my career be like, Dirman?" Asked the in-law.

"Yes, sir. I think your action at that time is right," said Dirman.

"That's right. So, what do you think? Do you want to help me?" Prof. Asked. Mirza.

"I'll try, sir," answered Dirman.

"Deal, right, Dirman?" Asked Prof. Mirza one more time.

"Yes, Sir." Dirman said, although there was still a speck of doubt in his heart.

Prof. Mirza ended the call without a closing sentence. Then, Dirman returned to the restaurant to meet Lusi and finish the chicken soup which he had ordered earlier. Lusi, who felt that the conversation between Dirman and his father was going on for a long time, then invited Dirman to have a dialogue after the two of them finished eating.

"The call is quite long, what did my father say?" asked Lusi.

"Hmm, It's all about Rivan's condition and the tasks on the university" answered Dirman.

"Okay, then" said Lusi, with doubted thought.

"Yes, Let's go back to the hospital" asked Dirman while heading to the cashier to pay for their food.

After that, both of them went to the hospital to look at Rivan's condition who was still examined by the Medical team of Hadiwijoyo hospital, Surabaya.

Dirman and Lusi sat in the hospital waiting room that was near the ICU.

Lusi's face was facing down while sometime shutting her eyes shut, meanwhile Dirman tried to stay awake and let her right shoulder as Lusi's place to lean from the drowsiness that hit.

After both of them waited for quite long, 30 minutes from the time went by until the medical team approached them.

"Mr. Dirman" said one of a medical teams in front of Dirman.

"Yes, I am" responded Dirman.

"You are asked to go to Doctor Roni's office now, sir. There is an update for your son's condition" explained the medical team.

"I'll go there, then" said Dirman that made lusi opended her eyes.

"Let's come with me, sir" said the medical team.

Both of them was escorted to the third floor using elevator in order to go there faster. After arrived at the doctor's office, Dirman and Lusi were asked to sit down to the office. Not long after that, doctor Roni opened the office's door then shaked Dirman and Lusi's hand.

"Do you wait for a long time?" asked the doctor.

"Just recently, sir" answered Dirman.

"I'll explain about newest update of your son's condition" said the doctor.

"How is our son's condition?" asked Lusi, this time.

The doctor looked at Rivan's medical record while showing the medical treatment to Dirman and Lusi. He showed an optimistic face regarding Rivan's recovery.

"We have provided treatment formula in order to reduce cancer cells in your son's lungs, sir. But, Rivan has to go through few days of rest to stabilize his condition" explained the doctor who had worked for 10 years at Hadiwijoyo hospital.

"Thank God. Then, what about the hepatitis B disease that he was also suffered?" ask Dirman, again.

"We will run another blood tests to check the extent to which the disease has developed in Rivan's body, sir" the doctor explained.

"Yes, sir. We also wish the best for our son's recovery" hoped Lusi.

"Sir, ma'am, we will continue to do our best," said Doctor Roni.

At exactly half past 10 a.m, the Medical Team led by doctor Roni transferred Rivan to the Anggrek Room on the 2nd floor for further treatment.

Dirman and Lusi felt relieved when they saw improvement of Rivan's condition, even though he still had to lie on the bed with an IV tube in his hand and a breathing device that was attached to his nose.

Rivan treated in the orchid room without any other patients there. Rivan's room could classified as a first class health service facilities that provided by the insurance. Those facilities were always respected patients and family's privacy.


"Dad, let's rest on the sofa. The sofa is big enough to be slept on. I am so tired," Lusi complained.

"I also want to relax my body since this morning," explained Dirman.

Both of them headed to the sofa by the window's room. The condition of the air-conditioned room made them sleep soundly. It made them didn't hear 10 missed calls on Dirman's phone.

On the 11th phone call, Dirman woke up and saw the clock on the wall that had shown 1:00 a.m. Sudirman had shifted the screen on his cell phone to answer the call.

"Assalamu'alaikum. Yes, Rin. What's wrong?" Asked Dirman to his assistant.

"Wa'alaikumsalam, sir. Will you teach Banking Statistics in Room E3 at 2 p.m in this afternoon?" Asked Rini.

"Sorry, Rin. I am still accompanying my child who is being treated in Surabaya. Please tell the class leader that today I can't teach. Do you understand, Rin!" Dirman asked.

"Fine, sir. There is a message from the Dean for you," said Rini.

"What does he say, Rin?" asked Dirman.

"He wants to have a talk with you about the students' achievement in our faculty, sir," said Rini.

"Okay. Anything else, Rin?" Asked Dirman.

"Hmm. He also wants to talk about the next Rector election, sir," said Rini.

Dirman paused for a moment, then asked to himself about what was going on about the Rector election? However, he returned to focus on the conversation.

"Thank you, Rin. I will immediately contact Prof. Ida," said Dirman.

"Fine, sir. Then, I will immediately meet the class leader," said Rini after hanging up the phone.

While looking at Rivan who still closed his eyes as well as his wife who slept on the sofa chair, Dirman immediately contacted the first person at the Faculty of Mathematics and Technology.

No need to wait long any longer, Prof. Ida immediately answered a phone call from Dirman.

"Hello. Assalamu'alaikum, Mr. Dirman," replied Prof. Ida.

"Wa'alaikumsalam, ma'am. I just got a news from Rini that you were looking for me on university. Sorry if I could not see you because I was out of town because I am accompanying my son in the hospital, ma'am," said Dirman.

"It's okay, Mr. Dirman. Next time if you absent from work, please report to the faculty staff as soon as possible, sir! We are the leaders of the faculty, so we have to give good examples to the lecturers and employees we lead," complained Prof. Ida.

"Fine, ma'am. I apologize because I forgot to report," regretted Dirman.

"Yes, sir. Actually, I want to talk to you about our students' achievements that decreased from time to time, as well as the Rector election which will soon be held on our university," said Prof. Ida.

"I'll meet you soon, ma'am. When will I be able to meet Mrs. Ida?" asked Dirman.

"How about tomorrow at 9 am in my room, sir?" Said Prof. Ida.


"Yes, ma'am. I can," answered Dirman.

"Great, sir. We will just talk one-on-one. I really want the Chairman of the Rector Election Committee to be from our faculty. The previous chairman is from the Faculty of Law," said Prof. Ida.

"That's right, ma'am," said Dirman while agreeing with the statement.

"Later, if the chairman is from us, it will raise our faculty's prestige to the other faculties, so that we are not always underestimated, sir," explained Prof. Ida.

"Yes, ma'am. I agreed with your suggestion. If so, I will meet you tomorrow then," promised Dirman.

"Yes, sir. I will wait in the office. I want to project our faculty plan to host the Sports Olympics at Siupala University in March 2017," said Prof. Ida.

"Fine, ma'am." said Dirman who soon ended the conversation with Prof. Ida.

It seemed that the way for Dirman to help his father-in-law was starting to open up. On the other hand, if he would successfully elected as Chairman of the Chancellor Election Committee, he could get another benefit which made his name would continue to be heard for his future career.

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