"Bella" the fairy goddess whispered sadly. Bella is lying on the bed unconscious. After Stephen shot her, she lost a lot of blood. The healers in the fairy realm don't have any clue about how to deal with wounds of this kind. They don't know that they should remove the bullet from the body of the injured to stop the bleeding and avoid infection. By the time Blaze recovered from his initial shock and rush her to the human hospital, she lost a lot of blood. 

They removed the bullet from her body, which was dangerously close to her heart. Luckily it didn't damage her heart. But the trauma of being hit by a bullet and blood loss made Bella weak and the doctors have induced anesthetic medicines inside her body so that they could keep her asleep for a couple of days. 

The fairy goddess is sad. She spent a lot of time with Bella. She was always lively and active. So now when she saw Bella lying on that bed wrapped up with bandages, her heart is aching.


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