After one year 

Bella is holding their six-month-old daughter in her arms. They are surrounded by her parents, Drake and Nyra, Lucas and Lola, Brandon and his mate Stella, whom he met in the human world. 

They gathered to celebrate Bella's birthday. A year before, on the day of her birthday, she was poisoned. But this past one year is nothing but pure bliss. She got to spend a lot of her time with her parents. 

As a queen, people of the dark realm accepted her completely. Just like the fairy goddess said, she had to leave the fairy to start her new life as someone else. Lucas met his mother and he embraced her. Lola is a really sweet girl.

After so many struggles and ups and downs, Bella and Blaze found they're happily ever after.

"What are you thinking?" Blaze asked later that night when all of their guests retired for the day.

Bella looked at him with a smile.

"Just thinking about how we met and how much we had

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Loved this book. Now onward to the next couple
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Lucas is the son of the Goddess Fairy and God Ares. Lola is his girlfriend.
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Sue Hager
who is Lucas and lola??Lola??? right off the bat...??
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