What happened?

Blaze is amused by her words. 

'If your father sees me now, then he will jump up and down with joy. Too bad, that's not the case with you ' he thought.

"Relax, what happened? You look a little worried" he asked casually.

Bella frowned at his words.

"How do you know?" She asked him skeptically.

Blaze couldn't possibly tell her the truth, that he could feel her emotions. 

"I went to the village after dropping you near your house. I just finished my work and was going back. I happened to see you sitting on that all alone and a little worried. I thought of asking you what happened" he said.

Bella believed his lie.

But in reality, Blaze was in the dragon palace, in the middle of a meeting with his advisors. That's when he felt her emotions. She is worried, she still is worried.

He stopped the meeting midway and flew over here to look if she is alright. 

Bella sighed heavily.

For some odd reason, she felt lik

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Bella Jersey
I know it’s the bond but Blaze felt Bella was worried. He ended a very important meeting and left to be with his wife. I also like he could tell Arabella Dad they’re married but he doesn’t want her force to be with him because that will create a wall

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