Ch12: Meeting the enemy

Thelma held the red sparkling dress in her hand for a few seconds before going ahead to remove her clothes, and changed into it. She was trying to fit the dress around her hips before looking into the mirror but her eyes couldn’t help it and look into the full length mirror. Thelma froze at the sight reflecting on the mirror, she stared deeply at the dress and the way it held every curve and hidden features she had, not in her wildest dream did she think she’ll find a dress for her and as if Alicia knew that was why she chose this dress specifically for her.

Thelma stopped staring and began to run her hands over the plane side of the dress and followed it up to trace the designs at her hips till her bust. The texture and beauty was too spectacular  compared to her finest clothes. ‘this is some rich man cloth, I hope I won’t ruin it at the party. Where am I going to find money to buy it if it gets spoilt? Oooo Thelma

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