Chapter 2481

"There's another thing… she is already…"

Before the doctor finished his words, Yvonne, who was on the hospital bed, suddenly woke up. She suddenly opened her tired eyes, and when she saw Sabrina, tears instantly streamed down her face and drenched the bandage covering her face. Yvonne's voice was so weak that it was barely audible. "S-Sabrina, is that…you?"

"It's me, Yvonne. It's me!" Sabrina was doing her best to hold her tears back.

"What happened to you, Sabrina? How did you get involved in a car accident? Why are you here in this small city in the south? What the hell is going on? Who knocked you over?" Sabrina asked continuously.

Yvonne cries even harder. Her voice was very weak, but it was filled with hopelessness and sorrow. "Sabrina, I…was really too silly… My love… I've fallen in love with the wrong person, after all…"

"Why would you say that? What exactly happened?" Sabrina asked.

What exactly happened? Yvonne smiled miserably. What exactly happened was that her life se
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