Chapter 2499

The man was spirited, valiant, and had mature charm. He did not look like a bad person who would take advantage of others at all.

Eldon's appearance, on the contrary, was the kind Marcus appreciated very much.

This man was calm, reserved, and not arrogant at all. He was not at all cheesy, much less the look of new money.

Marcus could not feel a chill down his spine.

That made Marcus even more certain about one thing. This acquirer named Eldon had come prepared.

"Mister Carver, may I know, have you…been developing your business abroad all this while?" Marcus asked in a probing manner.

Eldon did not want to answer Marcus. "Does that have anything to do with you?"

Marcus said, "You…"

"Mister Shaw, goodbye!" Eldon got up and left.

When Eldon got to the door, he turned his head back and said to Marcus very seriously, "Mister Shaw, you can't have your office, even your desk, and even anything at all in this entire building anymore by next week. You should know that well, right?"

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