Chapter 2502

"Aino Group?" That was the first time Marcus had heard the name of this group.

Sebastian smiled very innocently again. "Marcus, you definitely had never heard of this group before. That is because this group still hasn't been activated. It's just for me to save my money."

"Ninety percent of the Ford family's companies are under the Aino Group. Therefore, let alone seventy percent, even if a hundred percent of the Ford Group's shares were in Eldon's hands, it doesn't matter to me at all. Besides…"

Before Marcus said anything, Eldon asked impatiently, "Besides what?"

At that moment, a fire was burning in Eldon's eyes. It was as if he and Sebastian also had an irresolvable grudge between them.

Sebastian looked at Eldon coldly. His gaze was filled with a murderous aura. "Besides, I sold that seventy percent of the shares to you at a high price. Now, the Ford Group's shares are falling continuously. When I repurchase the shares, I will only be using ten percent of what I sold you in
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