Chapter 2505

"That is because if you were to go against the Ford family, the people who are closer to us, the Shaw family, will help us out. The ones, which are further away from us, would be my brothers. Even if we put the others aside and just focus on Alex alone, he certainly won't just stand idly by."

"Therefore, you thought up a method to kill two birds with one stone. That method is to drive a wedge between the Shaw family and the Ford family and let the two families fight each other to the death. This way, not only can you just watch us fight, but my brothers may not come and help me. That's because the Shaw family also has a good relationship with them, so which side should they help?"

"The fight between the Ford family and the Shaw family is a fight among one big family, so it truly would be hard for others to get involved. Therefore, no matter how anxious they were and how much they worried about me, they could only be anxious and watch without being able to do anything. Isn't that righ
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