Chapter 2604

Eevonne smiled miserably for a moment. "To be honest with you, Kingston, I am still one hundred thousand dollars in debt. You didn't expect that, did you? You originally thought that you had saved a very simple girl from a village. In the end, however, you've saved a person with a huge debt instead. Don't worry, Kingston. I won't borrow money from you. I won't ask you for a single cent at all. I've finally met someone who is so willing to listen to me, who doesn't look down on me, and even treats me as a friend. I certainly won't ruin this kind of relationship. The fact that you're willing to take me as a friend and not think of me as a psycho already made me feel very touched."

Hearing her words, Kingston felt quite saddened. "What do you plan to do next then?"

Eevonne smiled miserably. "What plans can I have? Even my mother doesn't want me anymore. The thirty thousand dollars that I've saved in the past two years are in her hands. The house is also hers. She can give them to whoeve
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