Chapter 2610

Kingston hung up the call immediately after he said that.

Eevonne looked concern. "Kingston, we've only met each other by chance. Don't get yourself involved in this mess. You have no idea. My aunt's daughter is even harder to deal with than my uncle's daughter. My cousin, who is my uncle's daughter, is just a little vulgar at best. However, this cousin is different. She is still young this year. She is only twenty-four, which is six years younger than me. She also graduated from a prestigious college. Besides, she has been living very comfortably since childhood. Her father, who is my uncle, is quite capable. Ever since my cousin started going to kindergarten, my uncle and aunt would basically bring her and her younger brother abroad for travel every summer. Also, even though they are rich, my aunt had never spoiled her children. That means my cousin is very knowledgeable and also very hardworking. She has always been working hard since she was a child and she studied all the way til
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