Chapter 2624

Eevonne's cousin was dumbfounded by her question and he could not come up with any response for a long while. "I…well…"

Once again, Eevonne looked at her mother, who also had nothing to say and just looked pitiful. Eevonne truly could not bear to see her mother like that.

After a pause, she sighed. "Forget it. I won't pursue any of these matters anymore. The money and the house is all yours. Mom, let's do it today. Let's take our certificate of title to the office and I'll first have my name removed from it. As for the other things, where it's beating me up or collecting more money from me, I won't pursue any of the matters anymore. Since the police are here, let's go and have our names changed in the certificate of title."

Without waiting for her mother to say anything, Eevonne turned around and looked at her cousins again. "Since the house and the money are yours now, I will be letting go of the fact that you had beaten me up, which you were supposed to be imprisoned for. As for m
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