Chapter 2632

Eevonne was speechless. She was so stunned that she did not even know how to speak anymore.

Sabrina smiled. "What's the matter, miss?"

Eevonne shook her head, nodded, shook her head again, and then nodded again. There were a few minutes that she did not know what to say at all. It was as if a person had met their top idol that they had never met before in their lives. No, no, no, it was even more exciting for Eevonne than meeting her top idol. There was an indescribable feeling.

"You…you're saying…that you're Sabrina Scott? The wife of the richest man…in South City, Mister…Ford's wife. That…Sabrina Scott?" Eevonne gulped a few times when saying that. She still could not believe it.

"Do you know me? It looks like I'm very famous." Sabrina burst out laughing happily.

Eevonne suddenly burst out in tears. "It's…actually really you. You…the wife of South City's Mister Ford, you're actually really, really, really standing in front of me. You'll never be able to imagine it. You're like t
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