Chapter 2633

That was something that Sabrina was truly curious about.

Eevonne smiled with embarrassment. "There was a school near my hometown that was built with the donation under your name. A person would feel that the school's architectural style is simply extraordinary once the person took a look at it. Your profile can be found in the school. Not only do I know that you're Missus Ford from South City, but I also know that you're an architecture designer. You have great achievements in the field of architecture."

Upon saying that, she looked at Sabrina with an extremely admiring gaze. "Missus Ford, I truly have never expected that I'll get to meet you in this life. I feel that my life is already worth it even if I were to die now after I've met you. This is truly something unexpected. It's as if something great had fallen into my lap. No, no, no, it's as if a huge diamond had fallen into my lap."

Eevonne was already so excited that she could not find any suitable adjectives anymore. At that
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