Chapter 2636

Eevonne was stunned while she looked at Sabrina, "Missus Ford, d-do you have a story to tell?"

She was very confused.

She was the pampered wife of the richest man in the country. Was she going to tell her, a broke worker, the story about the wife of a wealthy man?

Eevonne was tempted to ask Sabrina if she was going to tell her how she went from being a poor and mistreated young lady to becoming the wife of the top family of South City.

To be honest, Eevonne did not really want to hear that story.

She would never fantasize about becoming the wife of a rich man anymore in this life.

Even if he was an ordinary man in the city working a white-collar job, Eevonne also would not fantasize about marrying him, let alone being the wife of a rich man.

That was because she felt that she was not worthy enough.

Also, she did not want to forcibly ask for anything anymore. She did not want to be vain for the sake of vanity anymore.

She simply wanted to live an honest life without too much ps
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