Chapter 2744

Mila's ribs had just been put in place, so after she was kicked by Ruth, she felt an extremely sharp and piercing pain.

She turned her head around and saw that it was Ruth, she immediately forced herself to hold up her little face. "M-Miss, why did you kick me?"

"I'll kick a shameless homewrecker like you to death! How dare you come over so openly! You knew there's already a lady of the house here! There's already a lady of the house for this family, you got that? Homewrecker! Get the fuck out of here! If you don't fuck off, I'll disfigure this son of a bitch Marcus today! I'll see how he can seduce homewreckers by relying on his pretty face!"

"Well, Miss Ruth, why can't you just understand that the person you're cursing is your aunt?" The housekeeper truly could not stand Ruth's cursing anymore.

Mila was having a painful expression when she heard it, but she suddenly laughed. Ruth was still Ruth. A leopard truly would never change its spots. It has already been a few years, but Ru
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