Chapter 2817

"A billion dollars! Isn't he just insulting us, the three Shaw brothers? Marcus loves this bitch so much! When I see her looking so happy, I just want to kill her immediately! I have to have her killed!"

At this end of the call, the tan and fat man asked Marcus' eldest brother very respectfully, "Sir, as long as you give an order. Just tell me, how do you want to get this woman killed? Why don't I kill her now?"

"No!" Marcus' brother stopped him and said. "It's not the best time now. There are too many people in there, so it's not going to be easy for you to escape. I only have a loyal servant like you. I can't let you die. You have to find a place outside that you can easily run away after getting the deed done. Now is not the right time!"

The tan and fat man instantly said, "Alright, Sir, whatever you say. I'll find an even messier place and have this woman killed! I'll be hanging up now, sir!"

After he hung up the call, the tan and fat man continued watching everything inside th
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