Chapter 7


“Just as promised” I said entering the basement to see the man wearing fresh clothes, his hair tidied and his mess cleaned. Maddie was sitting on the floor with him as she helped him eat, three of his fingers were broken, which explained why he couldn’t eat himself. His eyes widened when he saw me, and he stood up looking at me with hopeful eyes “they are safe in the living room”

“You found them?” He asked wide eyed, his eyes welled up with tears and I nodded smiling, not controlling himself, the man wrapped his arms around my neck, hugging me tightly, and despite the pain of my shoulder, I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him back, knowing that saving his family was truly all the man wanted, I knew what it was like to have to do something because you were afraid of losing someone you loved if you didn’t do it, it was hard, and painful. I had lived the same fear when I first married Nikolay. His hate for me was

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