Chapter 9


I sat on the couch cuddled in my white blanket, Maddie sat on the other side of the couch resting her back against the armrest, covering herself with the other end of the blanket. Both of us watching a movie as we waited for Vladimir and Nikolay to finish talking to the man.

“I see that you two are watching a movie” Nikolay said entering the room without knocking, well, he technically didn’t need to, the bedroom’s door was already open. We didn’t really see a need to close the door since we knew that no one came to my and Nikolay’s floor if Nikolay wasn’t here. Well, unless it was a maid or we asked for something, and if for any reason anyone did come up, they would knock the door.

He and Vladimir smiled as they looked at the two of us, though there was an expression that I couldn’t read in their eyes, despite their smiles, Nikolay’s smile didn’t reach his eyes. That itself troubled me, even Vlad

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