Chapter 58 - Devin

We are all in the banquet hall to help Clara prepare for the Blue Crescent Pack’s arrival.  Whereas the hall was decorated in soft drapery and blue and silver tones for the ascensions, there is a completely different vibe for this arrival.  Clara mixed the soft tones of our pack and the large portrait at the end of the hall to display hopeful friendship and peace, along with displays of might.  Clara ensured that the seating arrangements showed our best warriors at the head of the hall, while putting their pack below the high table with only their Alpha and Delta at the head table.  Pictures of our wolves in battle and during training, both in human and wolf form, were displayed throughout the hall, along with copies of deeds of land that we had won through battle, treaties with other packs, and pictures of Zak and Jared with a variety of alphas from across the country.  It was a way to show our prowess in battle and our

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