Chapter 5 - Charlie

Lucille hands me my cup of doctored coffee and I immediately swallow nearly half of it, not caring how hot it is.  I need the alcohol right now.

Zak thanks Lucille, but doesn’t touch his coffee.  Instead, he stares at her intensely.  “What do you mean by the three of us being parents?”  Zak’s voice is steady and firm.  If I hadn’t known him my whole life and been mated to him, I wouldn’t have noticed the slight tick in his jaw or the way that his left leg began to jump slightly under the table.  These are all signs of anxiety for Zak and I understand why.

“What do you know of Selene and her mates?” Lucille asks.

“Mates?  I only know of one mate.  Pan,” Zak says, looking at me curiously.

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