Chapter 14 - Charlie

I can’t help but moan as Brandon slowly pushes into me.  His length feels unfamiliar and amazing inside of me.  The fated sparks of our mate bond ignite anywhere that our bodies touch, adding to the pleasure.  I see his pupils blow wide as his eyes turn the deepest shade of cerulean in his lust.

“Shit, Charlie!  You’re so tight.  You feel so good,” Brandon says.  He begins to slowly move back and forth.  The feeling is exquisite, but I want more.  Wrapping my legs around his waist, I begin urging him faster.

“Oh, fuck!” Brandon moans as he picks up his pace.  His eyes are closed and his face is contorted in a mask of pure pleasure.

I see Zak’s face over Brandon’s shoulder, his eyes nearly black as he watches Brandon’s ass move on his fingers.

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