Chapter 7

“I am sorry, ok? I promise not to drink from you again unless you want me to. Ok?” Paris said, putting his hands on her shoulders.

Ann looked at one of his hands on her shoulder and brushed them off and continues to walk. “Why should I believe you? Does Vampires even have religion?”

“Hey, a vampire promise is more binding and true than humans. A human can break their promise without conscience, but not a vampire. If a vampire thinks about breaking a promise, their skin starts to boil!” Paris said, walking beside her, trying to steer her in the direction of his car.

“Oh please, I am not stupid!” Ann said, feeling the anger rising up in her because Paris took her for a stupid.

Ann does her best to ignore Paris walking beside her. She ignored him flat out. She finally reached the bus stop. She got on, leaving Paris behind.

“Getting on?” a chubby woman with sleek black hair asked Paris.

“No, not today,” Paris said, turning around to make his way to his car. He looked at Ann through the w
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