Chapter 302

Escape In The Middle Of The Night

If she had shielded William from the bullet, he would have been fine.

Crista had done that three years ago, and she survived, so there was a high chance she would be all right again. It was a gamble, yes, but she was willing to take that risk. He should not have pushed her away. She did not need his protection!

She now understood William's obsession with keeping her safe. But it was way too late, and she was tethering on the brink of losing her mind.

Lewis looked at her, his brows furrowed in jealousy. "You will sacrifice your life for him? If I was the one on the receiving end of that bullet, would you do the same for me?"

Crista kept mum, curling up into a ball, her mind tormented. She did not know if she would feel the same for Lewis. All she cared about was how she did not want to see William harmed.

Maybe she would save Lewis, or maybe not. The thing was, she had not cont

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