Cruel Love

Cruel Love

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Her Father was desperate to pay the debt, He send his daughter for the sake of his own freedom. She need to marry the man, the devil everyone feared and respected. She’s desperate and out of options. He’s ruthless and out of patience. He took a bite of her sweetness, and gradually submitted to the addictive lust. Before he came to his realization, he was already unable to extricate himself from her. Desire triggered their story, but how would this conditional cruel love continue?

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Kim Williams Ferris
Great story.......need an update!
2022-09-22 21:09:30
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Rukayyah Bojang
Great story
2021-11-25 18:49:11
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I really hope Crista gets the love and happy ending she deserves. William can go to hell along with Tristan. I was hoping William would change but guess not!!
2021-11-25 07:18:59
user avatar
love it!waiting for your update
2021-07-09 17:49:37
user avatar
i already feel sad for crista. looking forward to what would happen to her.
2021-07-09 10:28:03
default avatar
so many mistakes. so many character mismatch and story mismatch. I don't want to wate my coins
2021-11-25 18:18:16
user avatar
It would appear that no one has proof read this. It is rife with all kinds of errors. It's pretty ridiculous how many there are. It was painful to read the couple of chapters I did.
2021-12-01 15:13:44
308 Chapters
Chapter 1 Just a Substitute
Its was a night of auntum, and the night sky was filled with clouds, almost covering the moon. Tonight was a busy night for the Hyatt Hotel, which was the most luxurious, six star hotel in the city. The worldwide famous businessman, William Ding had booked the whole hotel for tonight. William Ding, in his black suit, sat in a corner of luxurious room, with a cigarette between his slender, long fingers. The smoke curling up from the burning cigaratte had created a mysterious aura around him. "Mr. Ding, wehave had a good time today. But it's late now" the dark-skinned man next to him exclaimed. His appearance was typical, with thick eyebrows and wide eyes. "Mr. Ding, I heard that Miss Jin is a social butterfly. That explains why she's very famous among men. Aren't you insecure of losing?" Someone else added. Like these men, almost everyone was suspiciousof their marriage. However, since William was willing to merry that girl, others couldonly go
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Chapter 2 He Hate her
" Crista Jin, are you prentending to be pure in front of me?" William was still sitting on the sofa. He threw an unrelenting stare at her. When she responded nothing even after a long minute, a man shouted aloud, " Didn't you hear what Mr. Ding said?" His voice boomed across the room, making her jump in fear. The next moment, he was in front of her, roughly raising her chin. Everyone present in the room now could clearly see her face. Crista also settled her eyes on the man sitting in the center for the first time. William Ding. It turn out her husband was him. "Mr.Ding, I didn't expect your wife to be so beautiful. No wonder many men like to keep company with her." Crista Jin was really beautiful. She had a delicate figure with doe-like eyes which were as black as kohl. However, due to panic, her eyebrows were knitted together. She indeed had the aura of attractiveness around her that many men could fall for her easily. Only a glance
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Chapter 3 No Choice
Seeing that William was hovering over her intimidatingly, Crista instinctively pulled the blanket over herself. " Miss Jin, You've signed the marriage contract. Why are you hiding yourself from your man?" he mocked, seeing her hidding under the blanket. William couldn't understand why was she hiding. Anyway, he wouldn't let her off easily tonight. Meanwhile, Crista was scared of the man in front of her. " You are my legal wife already." William scoffed as he closed the distance between them. " Don't you know how to fulfill your duty as a wife? " He shot a vicious glare at his newly married wife who was sitting in front of him wrapped in the blanket. " No! I don't know! " Crista cried out. Although she was terrified of this man, she knew her resistance wouldn't make a difference here, but for the frist time she thought it was important to let him know. " You are just a woman I bought with money. Do you think you have a right to choose? " Willia
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Chapter 4 Compromise
Crista changed her clothes and walked out of the bathroom. William was waiting outside. He took a quick glance at her as his jaws clenched. Without another word, he turned and stormed out. She ran after him obediently. The car ride was most awkward, which made her shrink into the corner. The air inside the silver Bentley was so tense that Crista could only took out of the window and pray it'd end soon. Whenever he'd shift for the slightest, she'd tremble, fearing he'd pull her close without her consent. The car ride was mostly silent. An hour late, they reach William's luxurious willa. The elegant villa an exquisite layout which only William could afford. The car slid into the garage and came to a halt. William got off the car and ordered her in a bitter tone, " Got off! " The Jin Family also owned a villa, but it was incomparable to William's enormous one. She timidly followed behind William, taking each step cautiously. " Sir, you ar
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Chapter 5 Promised
William norrowed his eys and walked up to her " As far as I heard, they call you brave. Then why are you afraid now? " " I... I just want to go to school " Crista stuttered, lowering her head. " If you've come here to talk about school, you don't have to. Because that won't happen. " William had never thought that Cristine would beg for his permission to go to school. He believed she was trying to fool him, so that she could meet her friends outside and do whatever she wanted. Crista was crestfallen when he denied her request. Could she never go to school again?. She would graduate in two years. If he denied her now, her dreams would never get fulfilled. Seeing that Crista stood there flabbergasted, William ignored her and walked into the bathroom, expecting she'd just leave. But when he came out, she was still standing at the door. She was indeed a stubborn woman. When he didn't acknowledge her, her head hung low. Heartbroken, Crista turned a
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Chapter 6 A Chance
As a food was serve, William stared at the dishes and realize they differed from what Maria usually cooked. He believe that Maria didn't cook the food herself. Seeing that William wasn't eating and only staring intently at the food, Maria informed, " Today's lunch is made by Mrs. Ding ". One of William's eyebrows raised up as he shifted his gaze at Crista. " You can cook? ". " Only a few simple dishes. " Crista answered honestly as her cheeks took a red hue. But she was well aware of his disdain from his words. It was discernable that she made an unnecessary move. William however, averted his gaze from her and began to eat slowly, savoring the taste. Standing next to him, Crista felt uneasy. She was afraid that he wouldn't like the food and scold her again. After finishing the food in silence, William finally put down his chopstick and turned towards her. " Since you can cook, I can assume you won't have any problems in cooking for your husban
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Chapter 7 Unintentional
Crista didn't answer her friends. Because she knew they wouldn't understand her situation, no matter how much she explained. Crista spend a long time in the library after their conversation. Not until it was dark that she felt her eyes straining. Rubbing her eyes, she raised her head and eyed around the place. There were few people in the library now. Crista sighed as she put away the books and rubbed her sore shoulders. Her eyes drifted to the clock on the wall as realization washed over her. She was late to return to the villa. She fronwed. This was bad. This shouldn't have happened. Crista quickly stood up and run outside. She saw a familiar car, already waiting for her. " Nico, I'm so sorry! I didn't realize it was already this late." Nico looked at her indifferently and said, " Mrs. Ding, please get in the car! Mr. Ding is waiting for you in the villa. " The entire ride going home, she fidgeted nervously. How could she forgot the time? William ha
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Chapter 8 Beautiful Face
Crista's high fever never dropped for once, which made Maria worried. Although Mr.Ding didn't give her any order, she had no choice but to call the doctor. " She needs to have an injection to bring down her fever. Otherwise, she might catch pneumonia " the doctor said while preparing the injection. " Is Mrs.Ding's fever too bad?" Maria was anxious because she knew Mr.Ding was short-tempered. If anything happened to his newly wedded wife, he might get furious. "Well, it's somewhat serious. She is too weak right now. She needs to have a good rest. " The doctor gave Crista the injection then wrote the prescription. Although, her temperature dropped after taking the injection, she was still unconscious. When William came back, it was almost dawn. As he entered the hall, he found no one there. " Maria! " he called out. " Sir, you're back" Maria went upstairs just to find out Crista was still unconscious. He quickly ordered, " Send her downs
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Chapter 9 Only She
After returning from the school, Crista walked into the villa with heavy steps and met Maria in the hall. After greeting her, Crista went back to her room to rest. Meanwhile, William was with Carla in a luxurious private room of the Max Entertainment Club. Carla was sitting beside him intimately. "Mr. Ding, you haven't been here for a long time. Isn't it?" The Max Entertainment Club was one of the businesses owned by Wiliam's WC Group, managed by Carla. "Yes, I was busy in the company," William explained in a flat tone. Carla noticed he was drinking too much. "You must not drink too much alcohol, Mr. Ding. Let me change the wine with a light one for you. Okay?" Carla took his glass from him cautiously. William wrapped his arms around her and asked, "Are you worried for me?" "Yes. You will damage your stomach if you drink too much alcohol." Carla poured a glass of light wine and gave it to him. "You never take care of yourself."
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Chapter 10 Another Woman
William didn't realize that he'd bump into that stupid woman while entering the villa. So he didn't even help her when she stumbled back and fell on her bum. His eyes turned cold as he watched her with pursed lips. Crista hissed in pain before raising her eyes and met with William's icy glare. She gulped and apologized immediately, "I'm sorry, I didn't notice you coming." "Who are you going to meet in such a hurry?" William sneered at her making Crista flinch. Of course, she couldn't get lucky all the time, and the devil had to come at this time just to prove that. "I was just going to school." Crista whined as she got up staggering slightly. She refrained herself from saying anything else, because she knew he would not believe her anyway. According to William, everything she said was just an excuse. "Really?" Obviously, William didn't believe her. Crista took a glance at her watch. She'd be late today. Her eyes shifted back to William
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