Let Me Go, Mr. Hill!

Let Me Go, Mr. Hill!

By:  Shallow South  Completed
Language: English
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[Having accidentally flirted with a legendary powerhouse, she desperately asked for help on the Internet.]After being betrayed by a scumbag and her elder sister, Catherine swore to become the shameless couple’s aunt! With that, she took an interest in her ex-boyfriend’s uncle.Little did she realize that he was wealthier and more handsome than her ex-boyfriend. From then on, she became a romantic wife to her ex-boyfriend’s uncle and always flirted with him.Although the man would give her the cold shoulder, she did not mind as long as she was able to retain her identity as her ex-boyfriend’s aunt.One day, Catherine suddenly realized that she was flirting with the wrong person!The man who she had been going all out to flirt with was not even the scumbag’s uncle!Catherine went mad. “I’m so done. I want to get a divorce!”Shaun was at a loss for words.What an irresponsible woman she was!If she wanted to get a divorce, then she could just dream on!

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Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! tells a story full of interesting plots. Catherine was betrayed by her boyfriend and her elder sister at the same time. She is so angry that she wants to take revenge all the time. Then she thinks of the idea of being her ex-boyfriend’s aunt. After all, her ex-boyfriend’s uncle is a handsome billionaire. She tries her best to approach and attract him. While she finds that the man is not her ex-boyfriend’s uncle after marriage. Of course, she is crazy about the truth and decides to divorce, then will the man agree? Read Let Me Go, Mr. Hill! for more plots.

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Jasmin Cabreza
I already read this... NOVEL READ... spend almost 400euros just to read this stories... I really love it.. but no news about Liam until the end!!! superb stories....
2024-05-20 05:47:12
default avatar
Best book ever ...but what happend to Liam and Wesley
2024-05-18 20:04:16
user avatar
Vincy Macarayan
im always eager to read every chapter. a very superb novel indeed. i hope t can be made into a film. .........
2024-04-01 21:53:25
default avatar
this story is my Roman Empire.
2024-02-20 21:30:52
user avatar
Alinda Charles
Can someone please tell me in which chapter is Wesley Mason and Charlie going to be dealt with because I do find it's taking to long. Oh Cathy is fully dunce
2024-02-15 08:51:08
user avatar
Judith Matutu
awesome captivating book
2024-01-09 12:53:41
default avatar
The book ends with Chester and not with Catherine .........
2023-12-28 01:06:27
user avatar
Shivani Soni
great book
2023-12-23 15:51:03
user avatar
Massa M. Kouyateh
I hope it ends well for Catherine, this story is so emotional. I pity Catherine right now, she's going through a lot I hope she finds a happy ending. I am in tears reading this story.
2023-11-26 05:59:36
user avatar
jessifer slamat
satisfying and interesting plot of stories.
2023-11-08 18:44:39
user avatar
Subinaah Ranaa
This book is engraved deeply in my heart, Highly recommended ... God it's been more than a year desperately waiting for new chapter updates, hoping really soon... Biggest Shaurine fan but also shifted to charichester...️‍... And to the author if you're ever watching this "Your work really inspires me"...
2023-10-17 13:36:07
default avatar
Lizette Marie Hyams
I have read almost 1100 chapters and then the book disappeared from my library. It wants me to start over. It’s unbelievable. I’m disappointed.
2023-09-28 21:05:59
user avatar
Maria Lim
They made a reel shorts of this - same names and almost the same story line. It’s also pay per episode though and each episode is less than 2 minutes.
2023-09-04 15:35:03
user avatar
Jess Poso
Hello author is it really the ending...
2023-08-23 23:48:10
user avatar
Kitty Legair
Great novel
2023-08-11 05:02:58
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2957 Chapters
Chapter 1
Slap!A resounding slap landed on Catherine Jones’ face.“You’ve really let me down. Your sister has had a rough time out there for more than 20 years, and here you are planning to snatch the man from her. That’s very shameless of you!” Covering the part of her face that was aching, Catherine looked at her mother incredulously. “Mom, Ethan is my boyfriend. How can you guys be so unreasonable?”Catherine had just come home after a business trip, only to see her long-lost elder sister, Rebecca Jones, sitting with her boyfriend, Ethan Lowe, on the couch. Her sister was holding Ethan’s arm and seemed intimate with him.Seated on the other side of the couch were both Rebecca and Ethan’s parents who were having a pleasant chat with each other.In fact, Ethan was Catherine’s childhood sweetheart!She could not help but come up to Rebecca to question her. However, she ended up being slapped by her mother in the face right there and then!“Mom, please stop hitting Cathy.” With an anxio
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Chapter 2
Freya was momentarily dumbfounded. She then showed Catherine a thumbs up right away.“Great! What a great idea! I’m on your side! His uncle’s appearance is perfect. Even Ethan isn’t as good-looking as his uncle. His uncle’s wealth and power are also comparable to that of the Lowe family.”“I need to remind you that you have to find an excellent match or your position in Jones Corporation will be inferior to Rebecca’s. So I think his uncle is suitable for you!” Catherine was dazed for a second. Freya might be straightforward, but what she said was true.If Rebecca had the Lowe family backing her, Catherine’s position in Jones Corporation would be at stake.“Okay, I’m going to capture his heart right now!”Catherine snatched Freya’s purse on impulse to search for lipstick and foundation. Her pure face soon looked radiant.Freya blinked. “Uh, are you sure you can deal with him?”“He’s just a man, isn’t he? Hah!”Catherine swept her hair over one shoulder, then held a half-ful
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Chapter 3
The plot twist happened so quickly that Catherine suspected she had drunk too much.Such a thought remained until Freya came to tap her on the shoulder. She said sympathetically, “Don’t get too upset. It’s not easy to capture the heart of a tall, wealthy, and handsome man. Keep it up—”“No. He told me to meet him at the entrance of the registry office tomorrow at 10 a.m.,” Catherine replied with a dazed look.“...”Freya remained uncannily quiet for a moment before she burst out laughing. “Congratulations on becoming Ethan’s aunt!”Catherine asked, “You believe it?”Freya forcefully pinched Catherine’s soft face.“Why not? Please. With your naturally pure look, you can easily beat those young ladies in the entertainment industry. If I were a man, I’d fall in love with you at first sight. Let’s go and have a drink to celebrate your marriage.” Catherine seriously wondered how much Freya had drunk while she was away.However, Catherine began to have a hangover after drinking alc
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Chapter 4
Catherine took a taxi directly to the Jones family’s house. At that time, Mr. Jones had already gone to work.She rushed upstairs to take her birth certificate. Just as she walked to the living room, she saw Rebecca coming out of the study with a large pile of documents.Rebecca looked pure with a black bob and a pristine face.“You’re finally back, Sis. I was still worried about what happened yesterday.” A guilty look spread across Rebecca’s face. “It’s just that Ethan is really not into you. You can’t force someone to love you.”Catherine shot her a cold gaze. “Enough is enough. You can stop acting since there’s no one else here. I underestimated you before this.”“Don’t treat me this way.” Rebecca bit her lip, her tears streaming down her face. “I’ll just yield to your demands in the future, okay? I won’t get involved in matters related to the company. I’ll pass you these documents.”As she was speaking, she shoved the documents into Catherine’s hands.Catherine found it stra
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Chapter 5
Shaun froze and remained silent.The cameraman was inwardly sympathetic toward him. It was a pity that a good-looking man like him was suffering from facial paralysis. After Shaun and Catherine were done taking pictures, they headed to the first floor to register their marriage.It was only when Shaun took out his citizenship certificate that Catherine finally learned his real name—Shaun Hill. However, Ethan’s mother’s surname was Lyons. In that case, his uncle’s surname was supposed to be Lyons as well.In a daze, Catherine asked, “Why is your surname Hill?”“Uh-huh.”As Shaun was lowering his head to sign the documents, he did not bother to know what she meant. He casually answered, “I adopted my mom’s surname.”“Oh.” Catherine finally understood. She had been filled with fear earlier, thinking that it was a case of mistaken identity.She flirted with him for the very reason that he was Ethan’s uncle. However, she felt that something was somehow not right.Ten minutes l
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Chapter 6
Catherine was speechless.Shaun should have explained this earlier.She had spent the past few hours worrying about being a stepmother!A feeling of helplessness washed over her.Despite that, the chubby cat with clean fur was adorable. She stepped forward, intending to pinch its fat cheeks, but the cat dashed into the master bedroom at the speed of lightning. The master bedroom was a place she was not yet qualified to step foot in. Catherine let out a sigh at the rejection. Then, she scanned around the house that had three bedrooms and two living areas. There was a master bedroom, a guest room, and a study.The interior of the house was decorated in a minimalist, modern style using black, white, and gray as its main color scheme. It was pleasant to the eyes but gave out a cold and cheerless vibe at the same time. The renovation probably did not cost much.Was this really the residence of Ethan’s uncle?The man was supposed to be a successful entrepreneur. It was one thing
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Chapter 7
Shaun did not know what to reply. He massaged the space between his eyebrows and accepted the message request.[Hubby, will you be home for dinner?] Catherine sent another text within seconds.Shaun: [No. Don’t call me that.]Shaunerine: [Fine then, I’ll call you Shaunny. It’s a cute name.]He did not know what else to say.Was it too late to back out of the marriage arrangement?Later that night.The group of people was enjoying dinner in the interestingly designed courtyard-style restaurant. The bunch of lawyers exchanged their opinions on the new cases recently taken in by the law firm. Shaun listened absent-mindedly when he heard a notification alert on his phone again. Catherine sent him a picture. Under the illumination of the soft yellow lights, the chubby cat was indulging itself in a small treat of dried fish. Shaunerine: [Shaunny, don’t worry about us. I’m taking such good care of little Fudge.]Shaun sighed grudgingly. The greedy cat had been bribed effortles
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Chapter 8
“It’s a must to enjoy warm pancakes with high-quality butter. Then, a sip of hot chocolate to go down with it.”Catherine continued on with the eating show.She was savoring every bite of food in earnest. Taking her pretty face into account as well, her performance was way more entertaining and convincing than the other eating broadcast shows available. Shaun could not take any more of this.“Meow.” At the same time, Fudge leaped onto the dining table while wagging its tail. Thinking the cat must be hungry, he walked over to the cupboard. He returned with a plate of cat food and placed it before Fudge. Fudge sniffed it for a few seconds before turning its head away. It looked at Catherine with greedy eyes.An awkward expression flashed across the man’s face.She suppressed the desire to laugh before feeding the cat a small piece of the cinnamon roll. The little cat devoured it within seconds.“Good kitty.”She patted the cat on the head lovingly. ‘You have much better tast
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Chapter 9
Catherine felt as if someone had punched her in the chest. The intense pain was suffocating, especially when Ethan’s indifferent gaze swept past her without lingering for a second longer.James hurried toward Rebecca. “HQ has given the order to hand this project over to Rebecca.”A shudder passed through Catherine before she turned to face the other woman. “Cathy, don’t get upset.” Rebecca staggered backward as if she was utterly shocked. Fortunately, Ethan had his hand on the small of her back.This scene only aggravated the situation.“Rebecca, what more do you want? You’ve already stolen my man and now you’re trying to snatch away the project that I spent so much time and effort on. Are you really that envious of everything I have?”“How ridiculous! Since when was Young Master Lowe your man?” James scoffed. “You’re quite something, aren’t you? You’ve been pestering Young Master Lowe in the past, but he hasn’t shown any interest in you at all. Besides, do you think you could’v
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Chapter 10
Catherine forced out a self-deprecating smile.Ever since joining the company, not once had she pulled rank. She always worked with much caution and conscientiousness. She would be the last one to leave the office every day, working overtime and treating everyone else with respect at all times. It was unexpected that things would end up like this.After leaving the company, she walked around the area alone without a specific destination in mind. During that time, Ethan called her a few times but she refused to answer his calls.She headed back to Jadeite Bay after buying some snacks and ingredients from the supermarket.As soon as she stepped foot into the house, Fudge came forward to greet her while wagging its tail in the air. She patted the cat on its head and murmured, “Fudge, you’re the only one left that likes me now.”“Meow,” the cat replied. It closed its eyes in satisfaction, giving the woman full permission to stroke it. The corners of her lips twitched into a sm
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