Chapter 2953

Charity never knew that the three of them could sleep so soundly.

When she sent Cal to sleep sometimes, he would always wake her up several times in the night. Moreover, she would worry that he would kick off his blanket, so she would hardly sleep well.

However, with Chester around, she subconsciously felt more relaxed as she did not need to care about everything on her own.

Just as the dawn broke the next day, she was woken up by a kiss.

“Charity, it’s about time to wake up. You’re going to be a bridesmaid today. You need to wake up early.”

While waking her up, Chester kissed her for his own advantage.

Charity opened her eyes in a daze. She still felt so sleepy that she did not want to move.

“Are you planning to lie in?”

As it was rare to see Charity so lazy, Chester secretly laughed. “Let me help you get changed.”

By the time he staggered to her wardrobe and took out the bridesmaid’s outfit, Charity had woken up with a startle. “Why are you moving around? You should lie do
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zam zung
whoahhh. after days of no update nad now here comes the update, 1 short chapter only?!
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Jayar Summupang
bulshit to...honestly speaking i spent many dollorse in order to finished the story but sad to say it,s not better not to read this story...bery bad
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Dawn Preciado
This story feels so fragmented due to the no updates and such short chapters. Really starting to loose interest. Author you don’t give us enough to invest our emotions in your story. It sad because I have been reading your story for a year and I feel you have no loyalty to your readers.

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