Chapter 2950

“Suspect that the child is yours?” Shaun continued all of a sudden.

Chester nodded.

The more the child resembled him, the more afraid Chester was.

He would rather the child bore a greater resemblance to Charity.

Shaun glanced at Chester, who looked uneasy, and could not help but laugh. “As I said, onlookers see most of the game, and that saying is very true. Even Chase could tell that the child is yours at first glance. Do you think a clever person like Charity hasn’t noticed it?”

Chester was momentarily stunned, and a thought flashed across his mind. He was a little perplexed, but he dared not give it a thought. “Do you mean…”

“Perhaps she has found out about it long ago, but she just hasn’t exposed it.” Shaun said indifferently, “I even suspect my wife knows. Considering how smart she is, how could she not have guessed that Charity had used your sperm to get pregnant?”

Chester revealed a strange expression, but he was holding on to some hope. “Maybe she didn’t guess it. They m
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Come on Charity just acceot him

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