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Let Good Stories Live Long and Prosper

Our Vision

Welcome to New Reading! As a world-leading company of online literature production, we are always trying our best to build the best content-generating platform and provide authors worldwide with the most worthwhile IP environment. The reason we have put in so much effort is to realize the vision that we share with our authors – Let good stories live long and prosper!

Branding Framework

As the top grossing Book APP, GoodNovel serves audiences over 50+ countries with hundreds of thousands of original web novels in multiple languages, including English, Indonesian, Filipino, etc.

As home to Latin American audiences, BueNovela accommodates the most skillful Spanish and Portuguese online novelists of all kinds of genres, and has produced the fastest growth rate of IP reserves.

Based on our massive web novels, a team of high-tier narrators and cooperation with famous producers, GoodFM works on making an in-depth development in audiobooks.

MegaNovel is dedicated to providing high quality genre fiction and offering a wide market for all authors and readers interested in Urban/Realistic, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, System, (Video) Games, and Mystery/Horror etc.

A Full Ecosystem with Various Benefits

In order to provide assistance at every stage of your journey on our platforms, we have created a full ecosystem with various benefits, which ensures that the only thing you need to do is just what you do best: WRITING!

Our Values

  • Originality

    Dig passion & abilities out of potential storytellers.

    Different from traditional publishing, the world of web novels is full of pure joy. Before our best authors became superstars on our platform, they were students, office workers, blue-collars, housewives/househusbands, or freelancers. It is the genuine interest of web novels that motivates them to write out the legends in their minds. Have fun first, and then achieve success! That's where the originality of their stories comes from.

  • Quality

    Create fantastic stories for discerning readers.

    We have strict criteria for signing books, as well as we remain open and supportive to promising authors. The only purpose of what we do is to bring our readers as many good novels as we can, and allow as many good authors as we can gather to find their readers on our platforms.

  • Diversity

    Develop a market with all the genres on shelf.

    In a world dominated by mass-market culture, more diversity of books is needed than ever before. Good novels are written by authors from a huge range of backgrounds, which leads to diversity of genres.

    On our platforms, you can see amazing female power, which makes romance the most prevailing category among all the genres. Our male authors are fantastic too, whose imagination drawn from games, technology, anime, fantasy literature has proved that there are no limits to a good novel.

It is our pleasure to see all the authors shining so bright.

We do welcome you to join us and make yourself shine!










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