Chapter 6

Catherine was speechless.

Shaun should have explained this earlier.

She had spent the past few hours worrying about being a stepmother!

A feeling of helplessness washed over her.

Despite that, the chubby cat with clean fur was adorable.

She stepped forward, intending to pinch its fat cheeks, but the cat dashed into the master bedroom at the speed of lightning. The master bedroom was a place she was not yet qualified to step foot in.

Catherine let out a sigh at the rejection. Then, she scanned around the house that had three bedrooms and two living areas.

There was a master bedroom, a guest room, and a study.

The interior of the house was decorated in a minimalist, modern style using black, white, and gray as its main color scheme. It was pleasant to the eyes but gave out a cold and cheerless vibe at the same time. The renovation probably did not cost much.

Was this really the residence of Ethan’s uncle?

The man was supposed to be a successful entrepreneur. It was one thing if he chose not to live in a grand villa, but there was no sign of luxury in this place at all.

Not to mention the shelves in the study room were filled with books like The Science of Law, The Law Society Gazette, and Are We Slaves to Our Genes?

Something did not feel right. Could it be possible that this man was not Ethan’s uncle?

No, that would be impossible!

Freya could be quite careless at times, but for something as serious as this…

She could not possibly have made a mistake, right?

The overthinking was killing Catherine. She retrieved her phone to ring her friend. “Are you sure that he’s Ethan’s uncle?”

“Of course, I heard it from my brother. He even had a meal with that man before.”

Relieved, Catherine patted her chest. “I was afraid that I married the wrong man.”

“Oh my God, did you actually marry him?” A shriek of surprise sounded over the phone. “He really showed up?”

“Uh-huh,” she replied. On the other side of the phone, Freya’s eyes were welled up with tears. “We promised to be each other’s angels. How could you abandon me in the blink of an eye?”

The words were stuck in Catherine’s throat.

“Well, the two of you should treat me to dinner at the very least.”

“Um… Nothing has really happened between us yet.” Catherine summoned up the courage to explain her exchange with the man.

“You’ve got such a pretty face but love hasn’t been easy for you.” Freya showed her sympathy. “But don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll surrender if you keep persevering.”

“I believe so.”

After the phone call ended, Catherine dropped by the nearby supermarket. The new house was too cold and empty to be called a home. It definitely needed a new makeover.


4:00 p.m. at Jennings Solicitors.

Shaun had just flipped open the document file when Chase Harrison stepped foot in his office.

“Congratulations! Should we have dinner with your new wife tonight?”

“It’s not like you don’t know the real reason why I got married,” Shaun replied coolly without lifting his head, his eyes glued to the words on the documents.

“You truly are fickle. I heard that Catherine Jones is quite a beauty. Aren’t you at least a little bit interested?”

Chase was filled with excitement. He lowered himself on the swivel office chair as he studied his friend’s expression with curious eyes.

Shaun paused what he was doing for a split second. He recalled the woman’s smooth, milky skin and her face that was as beautiful as a blooming flower. However, her shameless behavior...

He replied several seconds later, “I’ve seen countless attractive women.”

“Fair point. An insignificant young lady from Melbourne wouldn’t stand a chance to be your wife if you weren’t trying to avoid an arranged marriage set up by the elders of your family. Indeed, she’s not a good match for your grand status.”

Chase let out a meaningful sigh. “So, the famous undefeatable legend has returned. How are you adapting to working in a small place like Melbourne?”

“It’s certainly an experience to live like the poor.”

“Tsk.” Chase hissed. “The world is so unfair. We graduated at the same time but you’ve already climbed to the top of the ladder.”

“It all comes down to the structure of our brains,” Shaun replied, lifting his indifferent gaze.

Chase gritted his teeth at the humiliation. “Forget it, I’ll leave this as is. Do me a favor, let’s have dinner with several other solicitors of the company tonight.”

“Hmm,” Shaun replied. His phone then beeped with a notification sound.

He picked up his phone to see an incoming text from someone named ‘Shaunerine’.

[Hubby, this is Cathy.]

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