Cruel Love
Cruel Love
Author: El

Chapter 1 Just a Substitute

Its was a night of auntum, and the night sky was filled with clouds, almost covering the moon.

Tonight was a busy night for the Hyatt Hotel, which was the most luxurious, six star hotel in the city. The worldwide famous businessman, William Ding had booked the whole hotel for tonight.

William Ding, in his black suit, sat in a corner of luxurious room, with a cigarette between his slender, long fingers. The smoke curling up from the burning cigaratte had created a mysterious aura around him.

"Mr. Ding, wehave had a good time today. But it's late now" the dark-skinned man next to him exclaimed. His appearance was typical, with thick eyebrows and wide eyes.

"Mr. Ding, I heard that Miss Jin is a social butterfly. That explains why she's very famous among men. Aren't you insecure of losing?" Someone else added.

Like these men, almost everyone was suspiciousof their marriage. However, since William was willing to merry that girl, others couldonly gossip about it.

William took a sip of his drink calmly.

"Bert Jin owes me a huge amount of money. Sending his precious daughter to me is not enough for payment." William Ding said matter of factly.

"Mr. Ding, do you mean that Bert Jin is buying time on purpose? Then he has cosidered his daughter too valuable." Martin Ling, William's right hand spoke up.

William Ding Still wore his usual stony expression. Taking a drag of his cigaratte, he said, "Keep a close eye on Bert Jin carefully. I will make his life a living hell."

"Mr. Ding, are you going to make your wife's life a living hell tonight?" The person who asked this had a sly smirk on his face. "Or... there would be something special?" He had only heard of the beloved daughter of the Jin Family, but never had a chance of meeting her. In fact, there were very few people who had seen her before.

"Mr. Ding, I've heard that she looks beautiful and sexy. Men are drawn to her naturally. She has got that aura around her, making her desirable to everyone."

The men sitting around the sofa participated in the conversation actively and talked about the bride who hadn't showed up yet.

However, the woman standing on the right side of William Ding had a bitter expression on her face. She obviously hated the woman they were talking about.

"Enough!" when she couldn't stand it anymore, she blurted.

"Oh! Miss Carla got angry." It was so obvious to everyone who had discerning eyes that Carla, who had been following William Ding her whole life, had a special place for him in her heart.

of course, the relationship between the two of them was unusual, but not intimate relationship. She had failed to officially merry William and become Mrs. Ding, and now her position was being snatch away by a woman name Cristine Jin. To Carla, Cristine didn't even deserve William.

"Are you angry?" William Ding put out his cigarette and raised his eyes at her. Though very suble, a faint smile appeared on his lips.

"Mr. Ding," Carla called out his name and didn't say anything else. She knew her place. No matter how close she had been to him, she would have to stick to her duty and could never go beyond it.

"Mr. Ding, won't you introduce your new wife to us?" a follower of William asked. As soon as he did, several others expressed the same.

William Ding raised his glass gracefully and gulped down the drink in one go. Putting down the glass on the table, he nodded his approval.

Meanwhile, Crista was waiting anxiously in a deluxe presidential suite. She was wearing a luxurious wedding dress specially customized in Paris with delicate makeup. Today was her wedding day, but there were no relatives present. She just signed her name on a piece of paper and then lost her whole life.

Despite her unwillingness, for the sake of her father and support her family, she became the substitute for her sister and had to merry the devil named William Ding.

She fidgeted and tremble sitting in the corner. She was twenty-two years old. Her life had only begun. But now she was married to a man six years older than her. Though the room was luxurious and brightly lit, she was still scared. She was terrified, but had no choice.

She had been starving since yesterday, and now she was very dizzy. There was no food in the room except for the wine bottles and glasses on the table. She had never drunk in her life and always been a good student to her teachers.

She knew that since the moment she promised to be a substitute, everything had fallen apart in her life. She could only hope her future wouldn't disappoint her.

Her stomach growled. She couldn't suppress her hunger anymore. Her glossy lips dried as she bit on her lower lip trying to stable herself. She had been waiting for that devil to show up.

The door opened suddenly and two strangers enterned. Both men were rough looking and neighter of them was William Ding.

"Mrs. Ding, Mr. Ding wants to see you." one of them spoke coarsely, rather disrespectfully.

"Where is he?" Crista Jin stuttered and scooted back like a frightened rabbit.

But the two men didn't answer her. Instead they pulled her up rudely and almost dragged her out of the room. She resisted and struggled to free herself, but all went in vain.

"Leave me alone!" Before Crista Jin could realize what was going on, she was thrown hastily to the ground. Even though the ground was covered with carpet, she got hurt.

"Cristine Jin, look up!" William Leng spoke with steady and flat tone.

'Cristine! Cristine Jin'. Yes She was Cristine Jin now not Crista Jin. But she didn't dare to look up. if they recognized her, she'd straight off die!

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