Chapter 7 Unintentional

Crista didn't answer her friends. Because she knew they wouldn't understand her situation, no matter how much she explained.

Crista spend a long time in the library after their conversation. Not until it was dark that she felt her eyes straining. Rubbing her eyes, she raised her head and eyed around the place. There were few people in the library now. Crista sighed as she put away the books and rubbed her sore shoulders. Her eyes drifted to the clock on the wall as realization washed over her. She was late to return to the villa.

She fronwed. This was bad. This shouldn't have happened. Crista quickly stood up and run outside. She saw a familiar car, already waiting for her. " Nico, I'm so sorry! I didn't realize it was already this late."

Nico looked at her indifferently and said, " Mrs. Ding, please get in the car! Mr. Ding is waiting for you in the villa. "

The entire ride going home, she fidgeted nervously. How could she forgot the time? William ha

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