Chapter 9 Only She

After returning from the school, Crista walked into the villa with heavy steps and met Maria in the hall. After greeting her, Crista went back to her room to rest.

Meanwhile, William was with Carla in a luxurious private room of the Max Entertainment Club. Carla was sitting beside him intimately.

"Mr. Ding, you haven't been here for a long time. Isn't it?" The Max Entertainment Club was one of the businesses owned by Wiliam's WC Group, managed by Carla.

"Yes, I was busy in the company," William explained in a flat tone.

Carla noticed he was drinking too much. "You must not drink too much alcohol, Mr. Ding. Let me change the wine with a light one for you. Okay?" Carla took his glass from him cautiously.

William wrapped his arms around her and asked, "Are you worried for me?"

"Yes. You will damage your stomach if you drink too much alcohol." Carla poured a glass of light wine and gave it to him. "You never take care of yourself."

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