Chapter 13 -- BARAKA

Written by Evelyn Mba


Morning came faster than usual, like always it sent cold and soft breeze round the Palace.

  Soothing each skin it came contact with.

Aaarrgghh.... Princess Lara yawned, waking up from sleep.

The night had been a long one, memories flushed in and she smiled.

She remembered how he kissed her.

How his words, heated her body up.

  How much she longed for him so much....

Someone's happy today. Kali said walking to Lara.

  Oh.. Kali, am really happy. Lara said blushing.

I can see it Princess. Kali said laughing.

Where are we going to today? Princess. Kali asked grinning.

The Garden. I love it there so much. Lara said.

Ohh... Kali quivered in fear.

But my Princess, the King....

He doesn't like it, he hates people entering there. He will get angry. Kali said.

Kali, don't worry about that. We'll go there today. Okay?

Lara said, her face filled with ass
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