Chapter 17 -- LOOKING FOR HER

Written by Evelyn Mba


The morning was not okay at all...

King Nicklaus moved around the Palace, thinking of what to do to the Kidnappers.

He wasn't scared, scared of what they'll do to her.

  They wouldn't dare to harm her. That he knows.

Richad,  search the whole town.

Bust each door open and look for her, I want her found.

I give you Forty Eight hours to find her. He said and grabbed a scroll.

Who would want to die like this? He wondered.

Who was that fearless idiot who love death so much.

  One thing was clear, the punishment to that person was BEHEADING.

Laku. He groaned and lifted up his face.

Make sure no one leaves this Kingdom for three days.

No one comes in, no one goes out. He said and closed his eyes.

He missed her so much,so so much.

He could feel it, that a part of him was out.

He closed his eyes but sleep wouldn't come.

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