Chapter 5

I say I love you a thousand ways

But not a single one is heard.

Slowly even the loudest voice

Can be defeated by silence.

"I'm such an idiot." I muttered to myself, walking back to my apartment, rubbing my arms to keep myself warm against the chill.

Why did I tell him to read the book?

That was the last thing I should have done. The ending was the worst part. That night, filled with drunken inspiration, I put all my feelings onto paper, speaking them through the stale, cookie cutter heroine.

"Mary Sue trash." I complained, weirdly jealous of my own character. Why did she get to tell her demon crush her feelings? It made me want to blow something up with frustration.

"Hey there, Sweetheart." 

I paused. "I was just thinking I wanted to destroy something. What great timing."

Mal laughed softly, walking out of the shadows. His left hand was still wrapped in a bandage, an obvious stump. Silently, countless werewolves stepped out behind him, their eyes glowing yellow.

He had brought the whole pack?

This wasn't good.

"You guys realize the penalty for attacking a Council member?" I kept my voice calm, while cautiously looking around for an exit. "It makes death seem like a great option."

No one answered, no one even hesitated. Ugh. Stupid packs, with their loyalty to their crappy alpha.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." I pulled all my power within me, stretching it tight like a bow string, one I had figured out the direction I needed to go, I loosened my control.


A bright white explosion burst out around me, obliterating the werewolves in my way, and in the space between I ran forward, trying to escape.

"Don't let her escape!" I heard Mal scream and ran even harder. But as I turned a corner, I ran into one of the smaller wolves, who blew a glowing orange dust into my face.

Shit. Fairy dust. The world faded to black around me as the wolf pack caught up.

"Tie her up."

My last thoughts as I fell into unconsciousness were of Varaac.

"Not so tough now, are you?" I woke up to the alpha's grating voice.

"You seriously need to learn how to accept rejection from girls." I muttered, trying to sort out my surroundings. I was in an empty warehouse, tied to a chair. I pulled against my bonds, groaning when I realized they were woven with silver. Made to suppress witches.

I was definitely in trouble.

"Didn't your mother ever warn you about the big bad wolf?" Mal was laughing. Despite my situation, I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

"Seriously? You've been planning this for a week and that's the best line you've got. That's just insulting." I began rubbing my wrist against the rope behind my back, forcing myself not to wince as the skin started breaking.

"I demand we start over from the beginning. Knock me out, let me wake up, and you try a better line."

"Shut up." He stood up, his eyes glowing yellow. I was close to passing out again. Between the fairy dust and being surrounded by silver, my power was drained to almost nothing. I kept rubbing my wrist against the rope.

"That's better, but not nearly as threatening when coming after that first line. That's why I said you need a do-over." I felt a surge of satisfaction as the skin tore, and I felt the warm wetness of my blood run over my hands.

"I mean, I know you're an idiot, but even you can do better than that, right?"

He stepped, closer, a low growl resounding from his chest. With a grand gesture he backhanded me with his good hand, almost knocking the chair to the ground despite the fact that it was bolted in.

If I hadn't been enforcing my neck with a little magical power, I'd be dead.

Fortunately he hadn't noticed that I had regained some ability. He studied by swelling cheek with satisfaction, and then turned away to walk back to his chair across from me. The ropes around my wrists had already dissolved, I quickly rubbed my bloody wrists onto the bonds on my chest and ankles, before tucking them behind me once more.

"I'm going to kill you." His voice was pleasant, almost conversational.

"I figured. Otherwise this whole trip to the abandoned warehouse would have been pointless." I needed to keep him talking. The ropes were dissolving, but too slowly.

"I'll take my time." He was ignoring me now. "I'll tear you apart bit by bit, enjoying each and every scream of agony."

"I have a better plan." I smiled at him, enjoying the flash of uncertainty across his face. "How about you rot in Hell?"

I reached out my free hands, draining my remaining power to reach out and used it to grasp every muscle fiber, every tendon, ligament, and piece of cartilage that made up his body.

"How did you...?"

And then, with a bloodthirsty grin, I twisted my hands, and pulled his body apart.

Looking at the bloody mess on the ground, I smiled and answered his question.

"Demon mixed blood." I laughed, my chest hurting on the right side where I must have broken a few ribs. "One of the perks of blood bonding. It burns right through the silver."

I stood up, and the floor reached out to meet me.

"Oh crap."

I collapsed on the ground, all of my power drained. I barely had the energy to breathe, much less stand up.

I need to get up. The pack will be here any minute.

Despite this, I couldn't force my limbs to move.

I was going to die, wasn't I?

Well, at least I took that bastard down with me. I felt some satisfaction at that.


I heard a panicked voice call out.

Oh great, I'm hallucinating now. I smiled as I saw Varaac run towards me, his face twisted with fear and rage.

Now I know I'm dreaming. Varaac is always calm. It's a nice dream to die to, though.

I closed my eyes, and the last sound I heard was his voice.

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