Chapter 9 - Pass me the milk

The seconds Bryce took a sip of his wine, he felt a small hand on his thigh. He slowly looked down and his eyes fell on pink painted nails, long, slim fingers and a small wrist with a glittering bracelet.

He knew whose hand that was, and he stylishly thrutch the hand away from his thigh while praying silently that Alex hadn't had a glimpse of what was going on.

"Bryce" Alex called out suddenly.

Bryce almost choked on his food upon hearing Alex's voice.

"Pass me the milk," Alex said.

Bryce slowly handed over the milk to Alex, and he was happy that it wasn't what he was thinking it was. 

Some minutes later, he felt the hand on his thigh again, but this time around, the hand was holding a small piece of paper.

Ava placed the small paper on Bryce's thigh and looked away as if nothing had happened.

Bryce nervously tucked the piece of paper in his trouser pocket and poured himself a full glass of French Martini which he gulped down hastily before rising up to
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