Chapter 42- The twins

2hours later.

Mr Winslow could be seen approaching from a distance with a crystal clear, black tray on which was a cup of brown coffee. He had just gotten through a huge line of people wanting to buy a cup of steaming brown coffee and some crackers, and the only reason he was able to return earlier was because he had shunted some lines.

He gently placed the tray in front of his egotistical boss, sat in the chair, and said.

"Boss, this area is completely packed. We need to get out of here as soon as possible because heads are already turning this way."

"Isn't that why they have eyes?" the young man asked and picked up the coffee cup.

"However... I'm thinking about the media. If word comes out that you've been spotted in a place like this, it'll spark a debate because many people will consider this location filthy for a man of your status." Mr. Winslow clarified.

"Didn't we sign under a different name? I've  never been here," the young man said confi
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