Chapter 41- Carolina

"What the hell were you thinking when you barged into my house without my permission?" Amy spoke confidently, attempting to conceal her embarrassment at having been photographed naked and at Bryce's harsh words to her.

"We have a search warrant for your home, and we intend to inspect it carefully. You are accused of having participated to the uploading of Miss Davis' naked images and films, and you have also been charged with using one of the maids from Brown's mansion as your hunting dog. Miss Gonzales, you are under arrest" One of the prosecutors Bryce had brought with him said, while showing his ID to Amy.

"What proof did you have, Twerp? I want you to get out of my house immediately!" She screamed angrily as she cautiously slipped on her clothes, attempting to avoid having her naked body captured on camera.

A few minutes later, a police officer burst into the room, a flash drive in his hand.

"Sir, we discovered this in her control room, and the material conta
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